Last month I was on a roll-

I was pumping out a post a week.

Then last week came-

and it was a hard, trying, exhausting week.

Before I could sit down this week to write it all down, to share it all-

I got hit with one of the gnarliest colds I have had in quite a long time.

I’ve been sick for a week-

it’s grip is quite strong.

Foggy head, cough, sneezing, running nose, stuffy head–

the ingredients of a less than inspiring post.

Next week I’ll be back in business (from my heart to God’s ears)-

back in the business of happiness and pit removal.

Until then-

please pass the tissues and start Battlestar Galactica.

6 thoughts on “Lingering

  1. Oh you poor sweet dear, I’d bring you more than tissues if I could. Like my comforting homemade chicken noodle soup and clear juices on your bedside table. May your recovery be swift and complete.
    Gentle hugs, Gina

    1. Okay now I’ll reply again with this moniker – the one we visit with more often – but earlier I replied when signed in at my other blog. I’m glad you got better, as I can tell with your new post. Oh and by the way… nerds rock! (Bias? What bias?!) hugs, Gina

      1. Thank you for sending me your well wishes- I am sure they helped! I think I am still recovering a bit but I am feeling loads better. And nerds really are the best!

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